Sunday, April 22, 2012

To Those People I Called Friends.

There are times 
that I tend to be  
speaks harshly 
doing withdrawal and isolation 
and for that 
I apologize 
as I fail to do good 
to this friendship. 

I'll gradually  
be a better man 
from time to time 
do spare me 
a chance to improve 
do spare me 
that time I really need 
do not lose hope 
in me 
'cause catering to you 
has been my passion 
ever since I give you 
my hands to shake 
and my mouth to speak 
"Hey, let's be friends." 

Then again 
in friendship 
it's all about acceptance. 
Since I can accept you 
for what you are 
I do expect you 
to accept me 
for being me 
for the time being
'cause to evolve 
in one single day 
is just impossible  
it needs time 
as much as it needs 
patience and effort. 
No, you don't need to 
put the effort 
if you don't want to 
allow me to invest the effort 
in upgrading "me" 
and just stay cool 
with whatever I am in present 
as you'll never regret me 
when I've completed my evolution 
and merge out from the cocoon 
as a graceful butterfly. 

Not my pic.

I may not being myself 
for several reasons 
but by realizing them 
and structuring a way to overcome them 
that's how I learn 
to be a better me. 

P/S: If only things are returned 
to how they used to be. 

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