Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Relief Moment & The Assignment.

I'm in the "relief moment" 
there are 
some time 
for me to sit back 
and relax
and being able 
to write this.
Just finished 
doing Digital E Principles 
and Anatomy and Physiology assignments 
well, they're much pain in the ass.
Can't breathe much a few days ago 
thanks to them 
then again 
it's me to blame too 
because when the deadline 
is really near 
then only I'm starting to do it =/ 
Whatever it is 
it's great to know that 
I can actually have some space 
to breathe 
by now 
and I'm grateful for that. :)

Well, it's not going to be that long 
Probably I'm having 
University Malay Language test 
Ethnics Relations test 
by tomorrow 
Engineering Maths II 
test and assignment 
are waiting in the upcoming week 
as well as the band performance 
for the PM's visit to UniMAP 
plus some studying that is in need to be done 
to cope up with whatever being left 
due to the mid-term exams. 
Really need to plan this good enough 
or I may end up getting tied up 
like the previous cases. 
But, can I? 
Time will answer. 
I'll just prep up 
for the worst case scenario. 

As I sit back here too 
My mind is still rewinding 
of how hard it is 
to get started 
when I did my 
Anatomy and Physiology assignment 
a few days ago. 
The task is 
to find ten articles 
regarding anything about 
"Cells and Tissues" 
and make a review of them 
and that review 
should not exceed 
the maximum of five pages. 
Yeah, the hard part 
was to find the articles. 
I went to the Internet 
to find out scholar articles 
on the topic 
"Cell and Tissue Engineering in Cosmetics" 
-I chose that topic somehow- 
and it turned out that 
most scholar articles 
are NOT FREE. 
Not my pic.
You need to pay 
in order to read them. 
and I went wow, this is new 
and as I kept on digging 
for free scholar articles 
I could barely get ten of them 
regarding that topic. 
The searching process 
was a boring torture 
maybe because I didn't know 
any useful links yet by that time. 
Eventually, Yun gave me 
a link to free scholar articles 
and from there 
I worked out 
on my searching process 
all over again 
and in the end 
I chose skeletal system 
to be highlighted 
in the assignment instead.
Never mind 
as long as the work has finished 
and Yun, it's all credits to you 
that I've completed this task. 
I'm very thankful of you. :)
-if only you're reading this, anyway-
By then 
I realised the prize 
and the value 
of the ideas 
being highlighted in every scholar articles 
Kinda give me a thought that
"Oh, no wonder plagiarism is 
such a big sin 
in the intellectual world" 
Somehow rather 
a bit of respect sparked in me 
of these scholars 
for they've been sacrificing 
their time and effort 
and probably many more 
to do researches 
for the humanity's own good 
although in fact 
they were paid to do so =='' 
If it is really going that way 
I'm surely going to be a professor too 
doing some researches 
and getting royalties from 
the scholar articles 
aside of having my own salary 
isn't that great? Duhhh. 
Do tell me if the system's 
actually working 
on the other way round, anyhow. :O 

Oh no. 
I forgot that 
we need to do the presentation 
after the test finishes tonight 
Gotta go. 

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