Wednesday, August 17, 2011


aku sentap dgn doktor tu
from the yesterday's medical checkup
Thanks for being considerate
and not to forget
polite as well as talkative
such qualities that are hard to found in some doctors
sebab depa kan busy ja memanjang 
with on-call dan lain lain
so kiranya
since you still being able to smile while 
giving a treatment
you deserve my respect. Weeee~
but then
do know that I've my own plans too

With you being psycho
buat aku terasa nak percepatkan 
plan yg aku dah rancang
He's just totally clueless
about what I'm going through
and all of sudden
being judgemental without trying to understand
Typical Meleis?
Tak tahu. Bukan kot.
Sebab yg ceq sedang berhadapan sekarang nih
Adalah orang yg educated.
I guess it's just in our blood
since ages ago
tanpa mengira peringkat umur
dan kedudukan.
Count me in as well.

Thanks to you doc
I'm retrieving my life back
stolen by the online world
well, cubaan pertama semalam GAGAL
thanks to those douche bags from my workplace
depa p heret aku ke CC nak main game sama sama
Ingat aku ni kaki game ke? Haih
Aku budak nerd kau tau?
and going to be completely nerd
for another four years of degree studies.

Masih mencari kekuatan utk ke tahap evolusi seterusnya.


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