Monday, August 22, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale.

Everything that happened before this
was totally a dream
a fairytale.
Probably a joke to remember
a lame one.
Thanks "dear".
I'm moving on
as you've said
it's just a play-around thingy
and it'll always be
for now.
You should be grateful
that I can easily fall in love
shook off the same feeling
and move on 
as easy
as a piece of cake
and can even stay faithful
if I wanted it to be. 

Guess what?
I think I've awaken.
From a dream I dreamt
while waiting for the next train of hope
to the long awaited destination .

Seems like the train has arrived.
Got to go.
To the people around
I'm sorry
but this is the truth.

Just let it be. Kalau ade jodoh, adelah.
If I am to find someone else
while hanging around in the coach
I'll be satisfied & consider it
as my best pick
given by Him.


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