Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's Next?


"People become stronger through adventures."
-Tendou Souji, Kamen Rider Kabuto, 2006

That's how I'm going to do it. I'm not done yet. Still, a lot to be settled. Much to be completed. The end point is yet to be seen. This is not the end. It has always been a new beginning in each of the seemed-to-be-endings.

It's decided. I'm going to continue this. To stay at KL & be independent like what happened in these 17 months. Well, can't say that I'm that independent enough without the help of friends & siblings/relatives who cared. The only difference now, is that I DO have a home to return to whenever I wanted :DD Looking forward for the upcoming Ramadhan. Can't wait to hang out at the bazaar like every night? :/ 

Have discussed this with all my siblings just now. Indirectly assigned them a few work so that they'll be mature enough to handle the house without my presence. The house is going nuts without me around, it seems. & I need to really wake them up that they're not young kids that are used to be scolded by me in the past. They're growing up, & they should learn much like what I used to back in my age. Hopefully they'll get it. Hopefully a positive result will be obtained when I scored the chance to return home again. Hopefully. 

Congrats to Aqilah for getting the chance to further your studies. Diploma in Accountancy at UiTM Alor Gajah eh? Seems like we've traded our dreams. But then, I can't achieve it for you, instead you are on your way of pursuing mine. I'm proud of you. Remember my words just now, okay? 

I love you guys - Aqilah, Aiman, Asma' Athirah, Iqbal & Akim. Umi as well. Being far away from you guys make me realise how precious all of you are. I won't let you down. God willing. I hope you guys will do the same, too. 

Wished that we will have our picture snapped together soon. This Syawal would be the best chance to do so.

Till then, I need to think hard where I'm going to get some pennies just to make it till early June. Maybe I'll join the beggars at Bintang Walk soon. Okay, that's a lame joke =.=


(P/S : Today's the first time we're having a dinner outside  together as a family ever since years ago. Not that much, but I did try to make it something meaningful to remember.)

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