Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleep Deprivation Experiment.

At last.
A week without off days has passed.
With two off days for this week
It's the best time to sit back 
and relax
and probably do a lil bit of preparations
acquired for degree studies
this month of nine.

the writer may have tried
an experiment on himself
about what would happen if he gets 
inadequate sleep
The objective
is to investigate the effect of sleep deprivation
on one's physical & mental condition

Not the writer's pic #1

The procedures?
Quite easy, though.
A few hours of sleep are taken away
(in this case, the writer takes four hours of sleep away
from the usual sleeping hours of eight)
and replaced by doing some other activities
The writer's choosing to extend 
the time to Facebook, tweeting & playing games
in order to fill in the four hours taken
Observations are made & recorded.

Experiment is repeated for two consequent days
For the third day onwards
the sleep hours are kept for eight hours
yet observations are still made consistently
till last week ends.

The result is
no negative effect solely on the physical condition
in a short period of time
that's cool :)
the writer is uncertain of the long-term effect
the mental condition is mostly affected
with the unstable emotions
proven by the occurrence of cold hard expression 
on the face 
(err, this is normal to him somehow)
hard acceptance to what it seemed to be
harsh jokes to the writer
probably he thinks that way 
because of the lack of sleep 
not to forget that he still hasn't get the chance
to make up for the hours lost
due to work :/
He too gets annoyed easier than usual
it is clearly observed
that he experiences yawning
which is believed to be caused by the brain tiredness
of working extra mile without being paid
with enough sleep, of course. 

What's worse
the mental condition can give an adverse effect
to the physical condition
but luckily this is not clearly observed
during the experiment
probably because the writer decided
to sleep inadequately for just two days.
It is certain that if the experiment
is to be prolonged
a solid observation could be made regarding this.

Till then,
the conclusion is
Get enough sleep
or you'll end up living your life miserably.
Here's a simple diagram
of how sleep deprivation
could give an impact on a man.

Not the writer's pic #2

P/S: Is trying to cover up the loss of sleep though T.T

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