Saturday, July 2, 2011

Malacca / Melaka High School, my Alma Mater.

Oh, hello again. 
To actually have a chance to stay in Melaka again 
makes me intended to live up to those memories 
back when I was younger
although it may seem to clash with who I am right now
especially the memories back in my schooling years
Eh, so I do have an alma mater, ain't I?
Yes, I do have an alma mater. 
I just hardly talk about it back in foundy & even now.
Yeah, I'm not that eager as the ppl from boarding schools 
or premier schools being proud of theirs
Well, if they can boast around about theirs, 
why can't I & the rest of my colleagues back in high school?

Admittably, I do love my school - Melaka High School

Yeah, I think it is a must 
for any mortal who've experienced being a student 
to love their alma mater. 
Exceptions to the people from some normal daily schools 
or the people who've bad experiences back in their schooling years.

Well, you can see that the emblem speaks for itself.
Being established in 1826, the institution's still standing for its 185th year
as a premier school, 
the second oldest institution in the country
Too many leaders were brought up here
Tun Tan Cheng Lock, founder of MCA
Dato' Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, Melaka's Chief Minister
Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad
Tan Sri Abdul Rafie Mahat
state governors & ministers
leaders in corporate sectors
in silence. Yeah, that's our style. "Diam diam ubi berisi". Lol
Don't blame me for not knowing all of them in specific.
How am I going to know all those seniors 
back in 1826 up till 2000?
Okay ignore that one.
Not to forget the biological father of mine. Pfft. 
Too bad he had been there only for his Form Six studies. Hence, I win! Duhh
Count me in as well, as I'm the leader in the making. 
Okay I'm being vain here.
Plenty of stories told by the seniors from generations to generations
which will be too long if written here
of its glorious years
of its unique traditions 
of its unforgettable moments
and I'm proud of being part of it
and being able to seize a chance to study here 
from the first year until Form Five
makes me feel worth it that I didn't make it to SAS 
back when I was deciding which secondary school should I go
in 2005.

Well then, the thing is
in my years of schooling
only a few of the traditions are still ongoing
Most of them has passed away accordingly with time
or waiting to be ceased to death
For example, like the unity of the students in the batch
regardless of race & culture
In my year, the unity is still visible, 
but not that strong enough like the early days of the seniors
Another example would be 
the glorious years of the Marching Band & the Scout Troop
They're all just memories 
without any efforts for them to be lived up again
Hurmm, at least I did try my best 
to live up those dying traditions in the Scout Troop
back when I was an active member 
till I was appointed to be the Troop Leader
yeah, thanks to that, 
I have to bid farewell to my fair complexion. Sobs.
but I don't know what's going on with the Marching Band.
The last time I heard that it had only been revived 
but guess what?
After our batch of 2005-2009 class left the school
More of the traditions being ignored
and replaced. Credits to the new school authorities
It's a disgrace to all the old boys 
who loved the school more than their lives (konon)
Consequently, it caused me feeling ashamed 
to talk about my alma mater
till time passed & somehow rather 
my hormone's being stimulated to write about it now.

BTW, why do I write this?
Heheh. The motive's to show off my affection to my alma mater
which is quite rare
in this situation of me growing up to adulthood
and the institution's losing its originality from time to time
Ahh. How hard I wished I could do something
But then, I have to focus on my life first.
Sorry High School. 
As you've always strived for, Meliora Hic Sequamur. 
Where man is educated (Sini Terdidik Manusia) 
You made a man out of me (perasan), 
but I fail to act upon protecting you.
Haih. It seems like it'll end up that in future, 
my kids will only be able to read those traditions in memorial books
instead of experiencing it themselves
how sad would it be
but never mind, boarding schools are still available. Heheh.

Okay, I was looking for my alma mater's anthem at YouTube
but apparently it's not there
never mind, it's just not my day.
To the old boys who probably come across this
let's cherish the old memories
Do read here

P/S: The school's motto is in Portuguese, the building is English, the anthem's from an American patriotic song, entitled America, the Beautiful & the students are Malaysians - specifically, Malaccans. Pfft.

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