Friday, July 29, 2011


This is just another emotional post.
I don't know 
what do I have to do anymore
to relieve the tension
that has been suppressed on me
since this morning.

Pagi pagi dah tade mood.
Bukan gambar saya.

First & foremost
to the culprit
I'm waiting for your explainations
Do be brave
and stand up 
enlighten me
instead of committing these drastic measures
which is tearing my head
and my heart apart

I'm not certain
what have I done wrong
I don't think I've forced it on you
have I?
Hell no, I guess.
Then what could be the reason?
Exam stress?
Some peer pressure 
or maybe seduction whatsoever
from a third person
who tries to take advantage?
Who knows.
If only I can read your mind
If only you can be a bit more truthful
I don't think I have to go through all these

for killing the tree 
before it could blossom a flower.
for not appreciating 
whatever you've gained.
for not allowing me 
to prove anything to you YET.
Last but not least, 
thank you 

I need my time.
Then again
I'm still waiting for your word.
Please do so
before I get hit by a lorry
or bumped into things
or get myself hurt physically
because of this head
is carried away
thinking of what's wrong.

P/S: The stronger the bond, the deeper the cut. But I'm not sure if you consider this bond as something strong, either.

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