Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Pride That's No Longer Around, perhaps.


I'm not the best.
I'm just another human being
Who or what am I
compared to other 6 billion humans?
I'm not that smart
I'm not that rich
I'm not that cool
I'm not that handsome
I'm not that brilliant
I'm not even good in playing basketball
nor even playing Call of Duty
I don't watch football
nor even get interested in cars
I'm too plain 
Talk crap
Boasting around like nothing else
That's what I do best

Pathetic me
I wonder what other good qualities I may have
Ah. I'm a bad friend as well.
I talk about others behind them
I'm being hypocrite
I'm being annoying, an attention seeker
A pathetic love desperado
A freak
Minus all that
I'm sad of what's left ---> nothing.

I, humbly seeks for an apology
for being all high & mighty
with the nowhere-to-be pride
I used to have
I don't know if I'll be leaving it for good
But till then
I'll just have to try.
Futatabi sumimasen.

Not my pic.


  1. nobody is perfect.. dan insyaAllah akan selalu ade ruang untuk ke arah kesempurnaan itu...


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