Friday, July 29, 2011

It's All About the Marriage.

Yeah, the second post for today.
The greatest love of all
between a man & a woman
is when
they're getting married.

It's when
there's nearly no limit to anything 
lots of ways can be applied
to show off one's love to another
Nobody forbids whatever the couple's going to do
except Him.
Isn't it interesting?
You can do things together
maybe sharing the same hobby
or doing something good together
such as praying together with the husband leads the prayers
isn't it sweet enough?

When you're getting married
you're certain enough
"This is the one."
you don't have to be doubtful
whether if he or she
is not into you
because if it does
you ppl won't get married in the first place
am I right?

The best part of it
is that you can claim your loved ones
like if you're not married
your boyfie or girlfie's still into other commitments
and other's care (mostly parents)
now that you're paired together legally
you're free to possess him or her as much as you want
for as long as it takes
yeah, that if you don't get boring that quickly.

The main point here is
compared to getting married
being a couple to each other
is much more fragile.
You can be a couple of him / her
but that doesn't mean him / her are yours
till you guys get married
which things could eventually turned out to be that
you're a couple to another
yet you're getting married to another.
See how fragile this "couple" thing is?

Thanks to Tira Azhar 
for inducing me to realise this once again.
Probably I'm just soooooo much into "couple"
till I forgot the main dish ---> marriage
Now, it's just the matter of time
to be certain
if she's mine or 
if she's not.
Till then
I just have to prepare myself
like I've always do.

As they say
"If you love someone, let them go. 
If they ever return, you can be sure that
your love is returned as well
and if they don't, just move on with it."
Simple as it may sound
hopefully it's bearable too. Amin.

The mood's getting better.
Praise be to Him.
Time for some work!


  1. welcome back. haha.
    that's why i'm avoiding any possibilities of getting into a relationship without me knowing the purpose of a relationship. :)

  2. luckily i'm quick when it comes about moving on. haha. yet, the wound's still thr, i guess :( i know where will it go, yet i don't expect the seed to die before it could even germinate T.T


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