Friday, April 22, 2011

Changing Jobs.

Assalamualaikum. Here is the chronology of what's happening.

Day 1, 1/4/2011- Everything's looking good & fine. Got our uniforms. Briefed about the work, salary etc etc. Well, it's in brief, so not much were discussed, I guessed. Went for a walk throughout the shopping lot from the third floor to the sixth floor continuously in the last hours of work. The task was to remember a few brands being in sale here.

First few days from 2/4/2011 till 7/4/2011 - Again, we were assigned to go throughout the floors. This time, in order to get into details of what the job was actually about, we were told to do it separately with the seniors, I supposed. I was doing the task with another guy & Fikri Syafiq was doing the task with another. We were taught about the procedures, protocols, where to eat during breaks & so on & so forth. 

At the same time, a few staffs from KL City Festival were brought in for their training. We had a chance to get to know them for a while. Here, I learned the truth that we need to do something related to the wine. Let me not to elaborate it longer here. Yes, I was trembling when the truth came into my mind, but then I just can't make up my mind.

8/4/2011 till 10/4/2011 - I was going for work in the eve. It was such a sudden that Faizran, Ariff Ashyraf & the others made it to KL, which is too fast for me. And they're going to Melaka that same eve. Considering them went to Melaka without me, I changed my mind & straight away joined their plans. Even MIA's into it as well. It turned out so well, it seemed. Proof? My past blogposts. Do have a look about it. Not going to tell more about it since I had unveiled the story here and here. 

11/4/2011 - The results were out. No elaborations about this. BTW, I made up my mind. I decided not to let myself meddled in between these complex things. I was uncertain about the regulations, but I thought of rejecting it totally since I was afraid that I would be affected in future. Yeah, I'm a traveller. You know, a traveller needs to hold high upon his codes & morals. Or he'll face trouble sooner or later in future wherever he is. That's a bullshit, though. It's not like I'm a nobleman, after all :/ 

The problem here is I went invisible from work for quite some time & it's wrong. Being too afraid about it, I considered having Fikri Syafiq to assist in my resignation from work. I had him to return my uniforms & handed in the resignation letter. This is cowardly & selfish, I admit it. Now I understand how does it feel to be a bad worker (although I may not that bad, anyways). Sorry Fik. You know how hard it is to feel guilty. Still, I've gathered my bravery & looking forward to face my ex-boss soon to give him an appropriate farewell. Provided if the time allows me to do it. Hey Afiq, you've given a word there isn't it? =_______=

14/4/2011 - Here am I, starting my day as a sales coordinator at Watson's. Some said that this job sucks, but I don't care much. This is something different to me & I want to give it a try. 

16/4/2011 - The new boss informs that I will only obtain my salary together with the next month's. I'm like "WTF!" Luckily those good words don't spill out or I'll be a dead meat.  

22/4/2011 - It has been a week. I may not want to say it, since it's too early. But I'm glad that a few issues have seem to find the resolutions. Praise be to Him. I dislike changing jobs frequently as well as it might affect my resume or applications for higher jobs in future, hence I hope this would be it till at least early June.

Yeah, to think about it, I did Google about the regulations regarding the wine, & what I've found have further strengthened my determination. Do refer here. Please give me a hit if I'm wrong or I'm referring to an untrustworthy site.

Till then. Assalamualaikum.

(P/S : Al-Fatihah to my late Mak Lang Aminah.)


  1. al-fatihah.
    you know, i might be visiting you at watson, please don't change job again and went MIA. ;p

  2. ohh my. if that's the case, then i'll be a good boy & wait. but i am good after all. yeah that's so boastful of me =.=


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