Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Studying, redefined.

Assalamualaikum. My definition of studying is redefined again. Credits to those talks I had with my classmate this morn, till I skipped off work. Foolish me =.='' 

When it comes to gaining knowledge, these two words always come to sound familiar to the ears, that are studying & learning. Learning, as stated in Concise Oxford English Dictionary means "to acquire knowledge of or skill (in something) through study or experience or being taught. Well then, going to tutorial classes, lectures, working & conducting life processes are considered learning. Studying on the other hand, means "the devotion of time & attention to acquiring knowledge, especially from books". I must say that studying is considered as another specific way of learning. 

Bukan gambar saya #1
In the learning process at university, school or any other formal educational institute, the purpose of studying should be for Him & for the means of the love to the knowledge itself, not for the sake of money, job opportunities & better exam results whatsoever. The same thing goes when studying a particular subject. The mind should be set that you are not studying for your exams, but sincerely for Him as well as for you to love the knowledge more & for you to enjoy the whole learning process. What's the point of studying if you don't enjoy doing it? And what's the point of studying if you don't study for the sake of Him, as He's the owner of all knowledge, am I right?

Moreover, studying doesn't require repetition. It requires love (as mentioned above). From love, comes understanding. Then you'll get the main point of the designated topic. This applies for all subjects, even Biology & Mathematics. You don't need those revisions & practices if you've understood the topic fully. This is new, because before this, "practice makes perfect" really does its magic back in high school. But to be realistic, doing practices & revisions all the time are not being time wise. Lots of things to be covered up during the learning process in college, regardless of personal matters or studying matters, & good time management skills are crucial in order to do it all well. 

Time flies. Bukan gambar saya #2

After studying, it's time for you to apply those knowledge in daily life. Observations, discussions, self-conducted projects & experiments. That's when you'll remember what you're studying. To learn & to practice the knowledge obtained at all times instead of applying it only in school, that's college life. And that's life itself.

Bukan gambar saya #3

Bukan gambar saya #4

Mr. Megat back in foundation studies once said that Physics & Chemistry are the same. The difference is their initial point, which is we learn Physics as a science of how things react accordingly with nature, while we learn Chemistry as a science of the properties of things chemically & physically & how do they react with each other. Hurmm, seems like if one of them is taken for higher studies, another can be abandoned because eventually we'll study them sooner or later, isn't it?

Now, I've realised that in the path to success, too many obstacles will be coming in the way. They're the feeling of afraid, laziness or anxiety. Being afraid is no problem if we only feel afraid of Him, but laziness ----> now that's the big trouble. OMG. I'm enough with the analysis. Have to do the research. Assalamualaikum.

(P/S : Is looking forward to put these things into practical. Hopefully I'll get the 2nd chance when I'm going for my degree studies.)

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