Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shōrai no yume (Dreams for Future).

Assalamualaikum. The results are coming out. The tense is everywhere. Probably it's just the same as the tense when the finals are coming. To the successful candidates, it's a sure thing that smiles are set on their cheeky faces for a few days. For the less lucky candidates, they may attempt to hide themselves in their tiny shells for as long as they could take. Well, can't be helped. It's normal. Likewise, in this case, perhaps most of my colleagues have scored freaking good grades for their results, & I'm happy with them :) Here, I personally want to congratulate Nur Syafiqah Shafie, Rizal Maula Mohd Nor, Siti Amnah, Farah Amirah aka Ferra, Syafiah Fatin aka Peah, Dini, Syahirah Aiman & others whom joined me during my last days of speed studying for finals for their excellent results. I just know it even though most of you don't keep me updated about your results. Hey that's arrogant! Okay sorry =______= Guys, it doesn't matter how much you've scored, what matters is you've made it! That is definitely something to feel proud of. For Amnah, I know I don't help you much, but if you feel it that way, I'm just as delighted, because the joy of teaching is to see the students to scale even greater heights than the teacher himself, & guess what? You scored more than me! Ahhhh I don't care about anything else right now. Only when I make it to Melaka again, DO GIVE ME A TREAT, okay? :PP

Back to the main topic. Now, most of them are having this question lingering in their brilliant minds : Where should I go next? Even the matriculation students, diploma students & foundation students from other IPTAs will face the same question when their respective final examination results are in their safe respective hands. Another normal situation, yet the importance are so much higher since it's your future you're talking about. Do note that if you play around with this kind of question, you're actually playing around with your future. Thus, it is a must for everybody to put their thinking caps on & throw away their immature side for probably a few days only to consider what should & should not be chosen. In present, people are still asking each other where they will be going next. Maybe they want to know what others think of regarding this important matter. Hurmm, if you're going to issue the question to me (read : IF), I'll ask you another question : What is your dream? To think of it, in this young age of ours with all the technologies to access easily, it's the best time for us to make our dreams come true. If you're getting old, how are you going to realise your dreams, isn't it? Thus, we should chase our dreams & make it real from now on. Having a course you're passionate into for your degree studies, besides, can boost up your spirit of studying & in future, working. Undeniably, there's no point doing something not of your interest & end up regretting of not doing something that you love, isn't it? That makes up another reason of why dreams are prioritized during this stage of decision-making. Remember this : You may fight for your dreams, you may even die for it. Because this life is yours to live. Everyone is the main actor / actress of their own lives.

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If most people agreed with putting their dreams or interests as their choice for degree studies, other questions will approach : Oh darn. My grade sucks. What should I do? How about my dreams? Are my dreams possible to be chased anymore? Here's the fact : If you LOVE your dreams as much as you LOVE your mum or dad or any of your beloved ones (probably your couple, your pet, your Facebook account - errr can Facebook account be considered as a person? O.o), you'll ignore anything else JUST to make it real. Examination results here are not that much of importance. What are crucial here are your dreams. Yes, we tend & we need to be realistic most of the time, but do consider this : Do you want yourself in your old age to regret of not living your most desired dreams & wishes to come true? Do you want yourself in future to regret of losing your dreams to some obstacles which you can actually make it through? Do you want your youngs to carry on your dreams instead of they carry theirs? NO. Hence, do think of bad examination results as another test by Him to measure the strength of your faith & determination. Surely, giving up is a total disaster & failure. You may fall & rise again millions of times, but once you fall & you're not thinking of rising again, you're a dead meat. Am I right? :D Anyhow, for these people with results not of their satisfactory (okay I'm in - errrrrr), I admit that we don't have much choice as the luckier ones. Yet, instead of surrendering yourself from your dreams, why don't you set your dreams in a larger range? Instead of aiming on this one star to grasp, why don't you try to grasp on others as well? With that way, you don't feel that bad for giving up this one dream away. However, if He's kind enough to give you a second chance, don't spoil it, will you? Yeah I think everybody will not going to spoil their second chance, would they?

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Moving on to my next point. Oh. I do find this question when I ask people around (yes I do ask people around, I'm a normal guy too) : But I don't have a dream of my own. So how am I going to do? (with sad or dull expressions). Err, the easiest answer should be to find your own dreams right NOW. What are the personality tests there if not for you to know yourself better? Make use of them a lot. It has proven to be quite handy for you to make up your mind. Or, you may follow your parents' decision. Like I said, some parents may have plans for their bright sons & daughters. Probably they want you to run their company in future. Probably they want you to continue the family's legacy. Probably they want you to be something that is not in the family yet. Probably they want you to live up for their dreams they failed to achieve for in their young days. Therefore, you may want to consult them first, would you? Nevertheless, this is not going to work for people who possessed their own dreams & determinations, because their dreams may clash with their parents'. In this case, it's a sure thing for you to follow your own heart & make your parents understand you. Yeah, I know, this is Malaysia. It's still a taboo for you to hear to each & everything your parents said. But don't come to me in our next reunion & brag that you regret of not trying to defend your stand & fight for your dreams at the first place. Hey, the reason I'm homeless now too is resulted by me defending my own stand, okay? I may die, or I may suffer of being homeless. But I know I'll be happy because this is my stand I'm defending & I know that my stand here AT LEAST does not clash with my own code, my own religion & what Ustaz Halim or Mr Rashid taught me back in school. I'm upholding my life with this up till now & I pray that I'll survive. Amin. Err isn't that too personal? @__@

Okay, I think this is it. This is my core code. Probably my closest friends like Hasif Yusoff know about this because I keep lecturing him about this back in high school. Just want to share it with whom it may consider as some points to ponder. Sorry, but this is just another opinion from a mere mortal who doesn't score a four flat for his Sem 1 & Sem 2 GPA & even CGPA. Thank you. Assalamualaikum. 

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  1. HAHA! ending uh. go to sleep? ;P

    btw afiq, u're the best laa. congrats jugak ! :)

  2. hahaha. tol la kan? nak mimpi kena tido dlu :D errr simpan congrats tu bila aku dah dapat course yg aku nak boleh? heeeee :PP


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