Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Post. Hopefully it's not too late.

  1. 2011. It's finally here. 
  2. With the arrival of 2011, time has moved in a bigger scale. 
  3. Yeah, before this, time flows from the least of seconds to the most of days, weeks & months. 
  4. Having the time to move in years is somehow rather can be quite remarkable. Anything could possibly happen in a year. Therefore, to have you yourself to last throughout the year in one piece is magnificent.
  5. Okay. Since the year 2011 has still newly arrived, it's quite common to see people around making new resolutions. They make it every year each time a new year comes by. That's good. 
  6. However, reconsidering that time also moves in a smaller scale, the necessity of having these resolutions for each new year is questionable.
  7. Why does it have to be New Year for these resolutions? Why can't it be other moments? 
  8. Time is changing rapidly, as I said. To cope up with these, we need to change rapidly as well. Making just a New Year resolution wouldn't be enough.
  9. What's crucial is to keep on changing & resolving whenever necessary. Only then a progress-no, a fruitful progress can be achieved.
  10. Shortly, can I say that making New Year resolutions is just some trend? Or can I say as we change & resolve whenever needed, we're actually having a New Year?
  11. Anyways, Happy New Year 2011 :)


    1. I hate New Year... New Year is a summon to "BARANG NAEK HARGA!"

    2. tau xpe. tp time nk year end tu byk pulak sales kan.


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