Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homesick Assaults.

  1. This 2nd semester has been going on for a couple of months already.
  2. I haven't returned home ever since the beginning of this sem.
  3. Well, like I'd given the chance to, isn't it?
  4. At least, I missed my hometown. It's the place where I grew up & learnt life. The place where I rose & I fell.
  5. Deep inside, it feels way too long since the last time I took a walk at Mahkota Parade, loafing around Dataran Pahlawan, wasting time by reading books at Thai Kuang, hanging out with my friends back in high school. I really missed that kind of atmosphere. 
  6. I think I had enough of myself getting stuck here in Puncak Alam.
  7. I don't think I can stand it anymore. I need to go back. Like really, really, really have to.
  8.  I've lots of things to do back in Melaka. Could make an ongoing list out of it. Still, I'm not sure whether I can finish all of them by the end of the week.
  9. Sorry Adilah. Sorry Fera. Sorry Faizran. Sorry Fikri Syafiq. Sorry guys. Can't fulfill the promise to make it to the food test with all of you. Seriously, I'm getting damn homesick right now, right here. Astonishingly, this is very rare to me =.='' 
  10. First & foremost, I need to see my mum when I reached Melaka this Friday. Ariff, please help me to make it a reality. I beg you :D


  1. It was supposed to spelled Arieff if you are referring to me.. Well, kalo ariff ashyraf tu mungkin kowt :P

    :] Sorry but i need to steal you [again] for this weekend.

  2. okayyyyyy. :P
    btw mia, its ariff ashraff!

  3. arieff : i don't think i'll be around this weekend =.='' how about next week? :DD
    adilah : thanx :D


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