Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now that it's all said & done.

  1. At last, I can move on.
  2. Thanks for making me waiting for you since Sem 1 up till now.
  3. Sorry. I'm a Science student. I only accept "Yes" or "No" as the answer, especially when such things are involved. Hence, probably I'm being forceful during the process of me getting the solid answer.
  4. As I've said, I don't care if I'm to be rejected. I just want to be truthful. Apparently you're the one who failed to be truthful right now.
  5. Nevertheless, I don't feel that I intrigued you that much compared to what happened during the last sem. Therefore, it is illogical that you can use "Oh, you're bugging me" as an excuse in present anyhow.
  6. I wondered why you blocked me somehow. It's not like I'm immature enough to attack your personal space. It seems like you're underestimating me as a well-grown adolescent who's going to adulthood soon. Well, it's not me to assume & accuse people irrelevantly, but as I recap our meets, conversations & many more in the past, I can't help but to do so. Probably it's your problem for not being truthful in certain times, especially in this case.
  7. I'm glad that I've obtained a clear picture, although there's still a thick cloud of questions surrounding the atmosphere of my head. 
  8. My hope is that this case will be totally closed. I don't want to hear any badmouthing behind us from both parties. BTW, I think my side is reliable. I'm not sure how's yours. Yeah, I've not been given that chance to know you better, at least as a friend, isn't it?
  9. I can treat you as a better friend from now on. Somehow rather, I'm questioning your credibility to treat me as a friend as you've blocked me. 
  10. Undoubtedly, you're hiding something behind the mask that you wear. Ahh, never mind. It's not a matter for me to concern, am I right? 
  11. Your act of playing around with me (probably?) is just making me fired up to prove myself. Worry not; I'll do so by practicing wiser measures. Please don't take it wrong, I didn't say anything bad here, okay? Ohh I don't think that you're following me either, though :(
  12. Again, I thank you. This is the first time I've handled such case compared to the other cases that I've been handling in the past. It'll be a good lesson for me in future. God willing. 

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