Sunday, January 2, 2011

Arrogance & NaCl

  1. Arrogance, analogically can be compared to sodium chloride.
  2.  Sodium chloride, you know. You use it to make a better taste out of your food.
  3. Just put a pinch of it & you'll get the right taste.
  4. Well, try to put more salt into it. The results would be that the food is going to be too salty that you will regret to have a bite of it.
  5. That's how arrogance works.
  6. A lil bit of arrogance is adequate so that people won't look down upon you. Hence, they will not underestimate you & treat you like you're a lower life form. Probably you'll gain their respect & trust as a friend.
  7. How about adding more arrogance into it? Definitely, you'll be the most unwanted person around. Having you as a friend has always been a pain in the S. Yeah, nobody would've stood to be with you, big-head. The least worst case is to have yourself badmouthed behind. Ouch.
  8. Hence, as mum always tells me to put the salt in the right quantity, so does the arrogance should be hold upon. Low level of arrogance would diminish your dignity. High level of arrogance would cause you to be a loner. Being an intermediate is always better :)


  1. haha.initial semangat abs men game nie.skali da lelme.penat haha


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